Hey mom. Thanks for having babies with dad so that we could be your boys. Happy Mother’s Day @hatzfeld
Feeling like I need to do this right now. Go out fishing with the brother.

Who can I actually spill everything out to without leaving out the dark parts?

Missing us tonight

Fuck. Seeing new things in you that I don’t want to see.

Shot in the studio this week and happened to get a few taken for me. Photo by Mary Duncan
time for a drive
boarding with e
Together again.
Ole Nashville
Not going to act like I know what this car is but oh momma
Missing this girl!
Brother Joe bonding. Camping trip for my daddy’s birthday. Joe and I caught some fish. We caught every fish in the lake that is too small to eat so after 3 hours of catching small no good fish, we stuck a fire cracker in the last fish. Poor fish.
Blood moon 2014
The blood moon itself. Sorry a day late.
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